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Custom Portfolio Reports

About Custom Portfolio Reports

If you're anything like our other Sherman Sheet subscribers, then one of the most treasured components of your subscription will be your Custom Portfolio Reports, available only through The Sherman Sheet!

With our Custom Portfolio Reports, you have near-unlimited free reign to have us analyze and rank the entire slate of funds in any 401k (or other employer-sponsored retirement plan), variable annuity, mutual fund family, list of preferred ETFs - or any other type of 'custom' plans that you submit to us. This terrific feature allows you to instantly apply our proprietary methods to your clients' exact circumstances.

Your collection of Custom Reports will be emailed to you weekly with the latest information. Not only does outsourcing this level of portfolio analysis to us make you more productive - these Reports up your prestige in your clients' eyes, too, as you are assured of being seen as on-top of the intricacies of all their account situations, at all times!

Our Reports are beautifully laid-out, customizable to your firm and to each of your clients, and best of all - proven effective! Click here to download a sample Custom Portfolio Report.

How to Request Existing and New Custom Portfolio Reports

If you are a paid Sherman Sheet subscriber, click here to request delivery of one or more items from our "public" list of Custom Portfolio Reports. Your new selections will be added to your existing reports.

More Reports are added almost daily, so if you don't see a particular Report listed, just email us at and inquire - we may have it. With respect to 401k's, it is our standard practice to NOT list most of our Custom 401k Reports, in order to preserve the submitting subscriber's prospecting advantage within that company - so, only a tiny fraction of our total 401k coverage appears on our Report request page.

If we don't have a particular Report, just send us all the pertinent information and we'll work it up for you, usually within just a few days!

Custom Reports


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