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About Us

The Sherman Sheet is published by W. E. Sherman and Co., of St. Louis MO.

Bill is a long-time professional money manager who has spent much of his professional life providing investment management services to money management firms, individual investment advisors and brokers across the country. He has directly managed more than $600 million, and advised money management firms of all types and sizes.

A native of St. Louis, MO, Bill graduated from Washington University in 1969 as a mechanical engineer. Bill developed an in-depth expertise in computerized analysis and statistical measurements over the years, and is a recognized expert in several areas of the investment universe.

The Sherman Sheet staff includes:

- John Scott, COO, who has worked with Bill since 1986.

- Gordon Case, Director of Marketing, who has called on advisors for 25 years.

- Laura Sherman, Manager of Subscriber Services, who brings her RIA experience to the benefit of subscribers.

- Gloria Collins, Manager of Custom Portfolio Reports, who works with Bill on the production of thousands of CPRs each and every week.

With a focus on providing advisors outstanding research, tools and strategies, Bill and his staff are completely dedicated to making their clients - and the individual investors who are their clients' clients - the most successful they can possibly be.

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