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All across the U.S. and Canada, Sherman trade signals and model portfolios, portfolio-management tools, 401(k) business-building resources, client-facing presentation materials, expert commentary, and more, are relied-upon by advisors of all sizes and descriptions.

Now that The Sherman Sheet is Sherman Portfolios, we're bringing even more innovation to you. Call us today.

Simplify your life. Grow your business.
The Sherman Sheet delivers to Financial Advisors a daily roadmap to success, featuring:
Model Portfolios that work
Explanations that "click" with clients
Tools that save you time and build your book
With The Sherman Sheet as your private market expert, you'll become a more confident, assured and valuable resource to your clients than ever before, and you'll enjoy more freedom to concentrate on the real business of your business - managing clients and attracting new ones.
To speak with one of our team members about our service, please call us toll-free at 1-888-957-3438. We'll be happy to discuss how we can simplify your life and grow your business.
Our subscription service for financial professionals is ideal for those who:
  • Would rather spend their time on client matters than on market analysis.
  • Would benefit from having a simple, sensible supply-and-demand based framework for explaining markets and strategies to clients and prospects.
  • Have clients in 401k, VA or other circumstances where hold-time and trade frequency restrictions are important.
  • Need strategies which can be implemented across the spectrum of client profiles.
  • Would rather proactively guide their clients through difficult times and bear markets, instead of telling them to simply, "hang in there."
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To learn more, be sure to view our orientation webinar videos. The "Intro Webinar" describes the "Why" of what we do, and the "Guided Tour Webinar" covers the "What" of all we offer at The Sherman Sheet. Our subscribers are our best advertisers and referrers! Click here to see just a sample of the kind words they have had to say about our service. Click here to learn how our Custom Portfolio Reports - CPRs - can make you an instant expert in all your clients' 401ks, 403bs, VA's and other retirement accounts.
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